Miracle Frequency 447Hz CD

The most natural frequency for humans
frees the mind and body.
This is used by serious people
who have not been satisfied
with conventional healing music.

Miracle Frequency 447Hz Music CD

Envelopes you in a sense of freedom you have never felt before

Relieve physical as well as mental tension.

Clear your mind of distractions, worries and anxieties.

Recalling the feeling of bliss and guiding you back to your true nature.

Connects you to the universe and reminds you of your unshakable soul

Recommended for people who:

Want to clear your head and talk to yourself
Want to feel a sense of security and peace of mind.
Want to feel "I'm glad I was born!"
Want to become a person who never wavers.
Want to always feel the connection between yourself and the universe.
Want to achieve more in your studies and work.
Want to clearly feel the purpose for which you were born.

CDラインナップ CDラインナップ

The 447Hz music CD is not healing music for the purpose of healing or relaxing. FOAJEON, a genius composer, has thought through the mission of music: What can music do for people?
Humanity has evolved and grown while weaving its way through life. The safe and convenient life we enjoy today is a benefit.
If humanity's mission is to evolve and grow, how does music work for people?
He believed that its mission was to give impetus to people's hearts and move them forward. Using the frequency of 447Hz, which is necessary for this purpose, the "Miracle Frequency 447Hz Music CD" was born as music that accompanies people's emotions.
To free your mind and body from tension at 447Hz is to be unleashed, to regain your true strength, and to live vibrantly.

音源のクオリティを極めた447Hzが実現 音源のクオリティを極めた447Hzが実現

The sound source which is supposed to have the highest quality is generally said to be 440Hz to 442Hz in classical music.
However, the musician FOAJEON continued to pursue the quality of sound quality purely in order to create a sound source that relieves people all over the world from stress and restores their original peaceful feelings.
And as a result of years of research, 200,000 people realized that "447Hz is the frequency at which people feel most comfortable."
However, setting the frequency to 447Hz has some problems such as breaking the strings of musical instruments, and the nature of existing musical instruments has made it unfeasible to achieve this.
Under such circumstances, FOAJEON has handled a sound source of musical instruments by using a dedicated device for over 20 years and has succeeded in creating a 447Hz sound source.
The Miracle Frequency of 447Hz is the only sound source in the world that leads humanity to the most happiness.
At 447Hz, by clearing the brain noise such as "Some distraction appears" "Worries and anxietiy always cross my mind",

No longer think about things with no answers

Became more decisive

Be able to do household chores that I am not good at in no time

Be able to concentrate on my work

Be able to sleep well

Some people have those experience and felt the changes.

Overwhelming Mechanism of 447Hz

Miraculous Experiences

I have always had ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and my head was full of distractions.

When I first listened to "SIR COSMOS" at high volume, my brain was in a state of pleasant muscle fatigue.
I remember that the 447Hz stimulated parts of my brain that had never been stimulated before, and my brain felt as if it had been directly massaged, like a mild muscle ache*.

And when I woke up the next morning, the emotions I had been suppressing were overflowing.
Tears welled up in my eyes, and for the first time I was able to admit to myself that I had done my best.

That night, I had a huge outburst of anger, triggered by someone's words.
"Why did you say such a terrible thing?" This anger was an emotion that I had been holding back and putting a lid on since I was a child.

Until now, I have never felt much anger, and I am the type of person who is often described as good-natured. This was the first time I had ever taken my anger out on someone.

After the anger and sadness left, I was surrounded by a calmness I had never felt before.

I had always been unable to stop talking to myself in my head, and sometimes I was unable to move because I was thinking too much, but for the first time in my life, I was in a state of "zero thinking = nothingness." I was enveloped in a sense of peace and bliss that I had never experienced before.

※Muscle pain
Some people say that when they listen to 447Hz for the first time, they have a headache due to the reaction of a part of the brain that has never been stimulated. This is a feeling of fatigue or muscle pain after exercise due to the movement of the brain, so if you continue listening moderately, this feeling will gradually fade away.

In fact, I would consider that most women with multitasking skills are more likely to have ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).

Women need to keep their attention here and there all the time in order to work, raise children, and do household chores at the same time. When this becomes chronic, they cannot stop thinking all the time, which can lead to negative thinking, worrying, and difficulty concentrating on one thing at a time. When women become tired of thinking, they also tend to lose important intuitive abilities.

By letting 447Hz flow through the room on a daily basis, many people gradually clear their thoughts.

CDラインナップ CDラインナップ

[Introduction Phase] To Live Brighter

The Individual Sparkle Returns

CD "Plea of IRIS Twelve Constellations"

The beautiful melody gives impetus to daily life and clears everyday stress.
3,300 yen (tax included)
13 songs 62'36"
Recommended for people like this:
・I want to bring out my individuality and shine.
・I want to be free from daily worries and have more energy in my work.
・I want to make my daily life more comfortable and spend more time in affluence.
How many songs in this CD?
Following the image song "LAKE OF A STAR (Hoshi no Umi)" at the beginning of the CD, the CD contains 12 songs on themes ranging from ARIES to PISCES, for a total of 13 songs.
Is the impression different from what I had imagined?
The story of the constellations is based on Greek mythology, but the Greek mythology known in Japanese is slightly different from the original. Therefore, FOAJEON, who takes the essence of everything to the extreme, has obtained the originals as far as they exist and are available, and translated them into Japanese. It took him a year to unravel the constellations, and this CD is the result.
Should I listen only to my constellation?
Please listen repeatedly to all the constellations, not just specific songs. Here is a reason for that.
Each of us is divided into 12 constellations (characters) from the perfect world of Oneness, and we each see and perceive in our own way. While it is well utilized as an individuality, sometimes it could be hard due to a biased way of thinking. In order to free you from this bias and allow the worldview of Oneness to permeate your cells, a CD was created on the theme of the zodiac signs.
By enjoying the personality of each constellation song, this CD has gained popularity such as "I could understand the feelings of the people who had difficulty in empathizing." or "Now I can enjoy the differences in each individuality."
When should I listen to this CD?
You can listen to it whenever you like. It is also recommended when you want to change your mood or free your mind, and many people have told us that they were able to concentrate on their work or that their children were able to concentrate on their studies.

[Essence Phase] The Soul Awakens and the True Self Revives (3 parts)

Experience the Blessings of Life and Unleash the Challenges of Life

Obstetrician and gynecologist Supervised by Dr. Akira Ikegawa
Obstetrician and gynecologist
Supervised by Dr. Akira Ikegawa

I have witnessed many lives faced through childbirth, and if the mother does not feel secure, it will affect the healthy development of the baby.

If the mother can have an absolute sense of security, her childbirth will be smoother, and the baby will be able to grow up with a sense of security.

To that end, I realized that it would be important for the mother to have the feeling that her life was being blessed, wondering if there is a way to encourage this feeling using the music, I discussed with FOAJEON, and "INITIUM" was created.

And not only mothers, but everyone who feels anxious or has low self-esteem should listen to "INITIUM".

The first phase "INITUM First Beating" was aimed to restore a sense of security and self-esteem by shining light on all consciousness, including sleeping consciousness.

As a result, the response exceeded our expectations, with physical improvements and trauma release occurring in a short period of time, and we received many moving emails. Due to everyone's response, we have finally decided to produce a sequel!

By continuing to listen to the second and third installments, we expect to increase not only our self-esteem that "it is okay to be who we are," but also our self-efficacy to "show more of ourselves," this time further beyond that.

We want to bring back all lives. It is with this strong desire that we present INITIUM.

The First CD "INITIUM First Beating"

5,500 yen (tax included)
All 1 song 60'00 "

Recommended for people like this:
・I want to regain an absolute sense of security and self-esteem.
・I want to gently let go of sadness and suffering.
・I want to realize "I'm glad I was born!"

Shed Light on All Consciousness

If you have ever felt that "you want to be loved more" or that "you are flawed", it is because you have a dormant consciousness that has not yet been illuminated.

By bringing light to all consciousness, your dormant consciousness will be awakened, and you will be freed from the challenges you have been facing in your life for many years. And naturally, you will regain your natural sense of kindness and security.

This is difficult to achieve with ordinary music frequencies, but it has been made possible by the genius composer FOAJEON, who has uniquely developed a miraculous frequency of 447Hz that releases physical and mental tension.

We have received comments that just by listening to the music, traumas from before birth were dissolved, people who could not forgive were able to forgive from the bottom of their hearts, and for the first time, a sense of security and self-esteem were obtained.

You can live more relaxed and be gentle to yourself. You can live with more happiness.

The Second CD "INITIUM2 Zest"

5,500 yen (tax included)
All 1 song 60'00 "

Recommended for people like this:
・I want to regain my curiosity like a child.
・I want to be able to appreciate small things in my daily life.
・I want to remember the purpose I was born with.
Awaken the Feeling of Being "Alive"

Shedding light on all consciousness in the first CD "INITIUM First Beating" is a kind of preparatory exercise, so to speak. Now you need to set your consciousness in motion. By listening to "INITIUM2 Zest," you will encounter your true senses and desires, which you have never encountered before.

You will be curious about things you have never felt before, you will be enthusiastic about things you want to try, and you will live your life with a childlike vigor and a twinkle in your eye. You will be moved by the little love in front of you, and you will spend your days with a true sense of "I am being kept alive!" and live each day with a sense of dynamism.

This was made possible by FOAJEON, a genius composer who knows all about music that liberates people's emotions, something that is impossible with ordinary healing music.

The first version, "INITIUM First Beating," which was created through the encounter between Dr. Akira Ikegawa, the supervisor, and FOAJEON, received great acclaim from fans, and the second version, "INITIUM2 Zest" was created with the hope that people will live their own lives even more freely.

The Third CD "INITIUM3 Felicity"

5,500 yen (tax included)
All 1 song 60'00 "

Recommended for people like this:
・I want to have a sense of self-efficacy.
・I want support during the stagnation period before my life changes.
・I want to achieve the purpose of my soul.
Supporting "You Can Do Whatever You Want"

When "INITIUM2 Zest" awakens the feeling of "I am alive," the ideas that only you can think of are flowing out of you, and you may strongly be feeling that you wish to make them come true. Until now, you may have given up saying, "I can't do it." But now you should be feeling that you cannot stop that wish anymore.

The process of fulfilling your wishes requires flexibility, patience, and sustainability. The third "INITIUM3 Felicity" will give you the power to strengthen your "realization power".

Can music do such a thing? Some people may think that. It's difficult with general healing. However, with FOAJEON, a genius composer who knows all about music that can awaken people's instinctive desires, it's not impossible.

Following the first "INITIUM First Beating" and the second "INITIUM2 Zest", which were created by the superviser, Dr. Akira Ikegawa, and FOAJEON, "INITIUM3 Felicity" was also created in response to the request, "I want to achieve the purpose I was born with" and "I want to have a sense of self-efficacy."

Is it something that only babies listen to?
No. We were all once a fetus, or a fertilized egg. A fertilized egg is an entity that has received an overwhelming blessing from humanity, and the fetus continues to receive that blessing as it grows. By remembering the feeling of being "loved" at that time, we can return to the fundamental love of mankind. And to remember the "real you" and regain the power to live that "real you", this CD was created. Therefore, INITIUM can be listened to by all, from fetuses, pregnant women, newborn babies to adults.
What kind of effect does "INITIUM" have?
It is designed for that the 447Hz electrical signal gently reaches the area where a person unconsciously feels he or she "wants to fill". What one feels and what happens when listening to the CD is up to the individual, but it is designed to bring forth sensations that have never been experienced before. It's your desire that you hadn't even realized, so please enjoy it.
Do I need to listen to all three works?
It is not required, but you are encouraged to listen to all of them to complete the program. Please start with the one you got interested in first. As you listen repeatedly, please pick up the others when you become interested in them as well.
How should I listen to each of the three works?
Since each work has its own concept, it is hard to realize that something will happen just by listening to it once. This is because the necessary electrical signals reach the brain by listening repeatedly for a certain period of time. Therefore, rather than playing one piece at a time, we recommend that you listen to one piece for 1-2 months in a row, and when you feel that you would like to "try a different piece", you can repeat 1-2 months of listening to the other piece. Of course, you are free to listen to other CDs in between.
[Ultimate Phase] Connecting with the Universe

Restore Your Unshakable Soul


5,500 yen (tax included)
All 7 songs 79'53"
*with DVD that goes with the seven songs(79'53")

Recommended for people like this:
・I want to feel that my heart may waver, but my soul will never waver.
・I want to experience the oscillation of the universe.
・I want to experience that the microcosm inside me is linked to the macrocosm.
Regain an unwavering soul and live in resonance with the Universe

Cosmos is the pinnacle of nature, the unwavering universe of omnipotent beings in perfect harmony.
Humans, on the other hand, tend to lose sight of themselves because they are affected by the environment and relationships. By interacting with Cosmos, you can remind yourself of your unwavering soul.

You can experience the feeling of being connected to the origin of the universe.
You will feel that everything is surrounded by love and you will be able to relax your shoulders.

How many songs are included?
It consists of seven chapters, which are suitable for expressing the universe. Every time you repeat each song, you will encounter various universe and get to know the depth of the universe.
How many songs are included?
It consists of seven chapters, which are suitable for expressing the universe. Every time you repeat each song, you will encounter various universe and get to know the depth of the universe.
With what kind of thoughts was this created?
With the hope to get connected with the origin of the universe, remember oneself that there is not even a moment that anyone has not been loved, and live by trusting oneself to a big existence, it was created. It is recommended when you want to experience the true nature of human beings.
If only one work could be created, this is the ultimate 447Hz, which FOAJEON spent a year creating to leave behind for mankind.
When is a good time to listen?
You can listen to it whenever you want. Some people who can't sleep easily got a good night's sleep, and others say with the music on during driving, they get less frustrated and be able to drive calmly. Also there are some people who love it during meditation or self-relaxation.

Have received a lot of touching letters

Surprisingly, about one out of 10 people sends me a joyful letter or a postcard saying, "There was such a change!"
Most of them are letters of joy, some of them covering seven sheets of letterhead, in which they reflect on their lives and how they have overcome many obstacles and are now able to look forward.
With 447Hz, the emotions and feelings that they had suppressed along the way overflowed and felt refreshed, so they sent me these letters, I believe.
As I read the letters, over and over again, I get profoundly moved by the effectiveness of 447Hz.

When and how long should I play?
As a small sound is fine, it is recommended to play for 24 hours,
By listening to 447Hz for as long as possible, some people would immediately feel the change, while some people, over a period of several months to a year, will sense the change of themselves as well as their family and the home coziness.
Which CD should I choose?
Please choose according to your mood and intuition.
"Plea of IRIS Twelve Constellations" is for when you want to give impetus to your heart.
"INITIUM" is for when you want to get a sense of security and self-esteem.
"SIR COSOMOS" is recommended when you want to enjoy the ultimate sound or when you want to connect with the origin of the universe.
How loud should I listen to?
We recommend a volume where you can enjoy music without disturbing conversations. It sounds better than usual CD, so a little smaller in volume might be good.
Also, in order to receive the maximum effect of each CD, turn up the volume or listen with good quality headphones, and you may hear sounds that you could not hear before, or you may notice emotions that you had not noticed.
Is it effective only by playing?
It is better to have the consciousness of listening rather than just playing it. Also, it seems that those who observe what changes they feel on their own seem to change quicker, so it is recommended that you talk with yourself.
I don't have a CD player
To maximize the 447Hz, we recommend playing a CD. If you play a copy of the CD on your phone or computer, the 447Hz may not be fully demonstrated.
Do you have any CD player that you recommend?
Many people buy a CD player to listen to 447Hz. The recommended manufacturer is Sony, which has the characteristic of outputting the sound as it is without processing it. Please choose the product according to your budget and size.
I heard that it is good to listen with headphones
We recommend professional SONY headphones to ensure that all 447Hz sounds are delivered to the brain, depending on the player, volume, etc. Many people use SONY MDR-CD900ST or similar headphones.
Why is it effective for the brain just by listening?
This is because the brain is stimulated by the 447Hz reaching parts of the brain that are not reached by normal frequencies or sound sources. Some people who have been strongly focused on the outside or have been receiving the expressions of those around them will become aware of their own true inner voice, and talents that they had not noticed before will blossom.


Natsuyo Iida
CEO, Familetzt Co., LTD.
Director of the FOAJEON Choir

Transcending time and space
to contribute to the world!

"I'm sorry I'm alive." Until the age of 30, I felt guilty for being alive, and while I was careful not to bother anyone, I was also competitive, not wanting to lose to anyone.

My starting point was when I was 7 years old. I saw an African refugee child on TV and thought, "This world is wrong. I want to make people around the world smile!"
From there, I studied environmental issues, human rights, psychology, spirituality, self-development, etc. While working for the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), I sang with a total of 7,000 people from Africa, South America, and Asia as a member of the JICA chorus club, including volunteers from the Ministry of Education and the Japanese Red Cross Society. There I experienced that choral singing transcended language and culture, and that we could instantly become one with the people there.

However, the moment the singing was over, the sense of lack returned, and I was a rough "troublemaker" who had constant relationship problems, arguing even with my friends. It was at this time that I met the genius composer FOAJEON. I asked him, "How can we change the hearts and minds of people around the world and create a world where conflicts do not arise?" FOAJEON told me a solution that I could not find even after discussions with people from the United Nations and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and with a shock, I decided to give this activity a try.
As I sang FOAJEON's choral songs with enthusiasm, all feelings of lack melted away, and I felt a blissful sense of "I have never felt such a happy feeling."

From then on, like an Othello flipped over, my relationships improved, I became surrounded by kind people, and my work expanded. I began to awaken to the world of the mind, social issues, global issues, and the connection between people and the universe, and the answers began to connect in interesting ways.
And now, the stress of daily life is completely gone and I am enjoying everything and remembering the mission that I have been aiming for through repeated reincarnations. I will spend my life spreading FOAJEON Choir throughout the world, receiving support not only from my ancestors who have spun this life, but also from all humankind.
What is important is first of all your own happiness. And to release the vibrations of "true love" to the world, not only in the present age, but also as humanity has longed for.
Let's transcend time and space, make people, animals, and the earth happy, and together create a world where all are united.
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    About FOAJEON

    Over the past 20 years, he has developed his own 447Hz frequency, which is called "Miracle Frequency" by people in the industry.
    He produces classical music, piano music, love songs, children's songs, choral music, and other genres, hoping that mankind will live in peace 5,000 years from now.
    He is a big hit maker who has produced more than 300 commercial songs. By incorporating the biorhythms of the universe and human beings, he has created songs that can naturally draw out potential abilities.
    The more people who have been searching for the truth, the more they appreciate his songs, saying, "Even after listening to them 10,000 times, I never get tired of them, and am even more fascinated by them."