Beyond time and space,
Connect with people who contribute to the world.
Every cell in your body vibrates and your thoughts,
mind and soul are connected as one.
When you live in felicity, means you live in a mission
on a cosmic scale that transcends the individual.
Every cell in your body vibrates and your thoughts, mind and soul are connected as one.
When you live in felicity, means you live in a mission on a cosmic scale that transcends the individual.

"I've finally found it! It's the culmination of a life beyond my career so far."

"Even it's over the screen, the sense of unity with everyone is amazing! This is what I was looking for!"

"I was able to clearly realize what I was looking for most."

"By experiencing the bliss, ideas for business are pouring in."

"Finally, I came across a way to unite thoughts, minds, and souls."

We recommend this service to those who have experience in the following areas:

Have mastered various psychological and self-help programs for the well-being of clients, but exhausted by the amount of work to be done.
"If I could only solve this problem!" but the problem keeps getting worse.                    
Have contributed to solving social problems, but feel that something is fundamentally wrong.
Have been able to do what you're good at and have been socially recognized for it, but wonder "What do I really want to do?"
Have searched for my mission by asking "What for was I born to do?", but I have yet to find the right one.

The FOAJEON Choir:

This is a program of choral lessons to free the souls of those who have lived earnestly to help others who are suffering.

You know in your head that it would be best if you could live "just as you are," but your heart just can't catch up. Have you ever wished you could relax and move forward naturally, instead of trying so hard?

FOAJEON music, has the power to bring out your true feelings scattered in its rhythms and lyrics. Everyone who has experienced FOAJEON Choir, has said that they have returned to themselves "as they are" and moved forward "before they knew it," as if from their souls.

The more you have worked for someone else, the more you feel the overwhelming effect of the chorus.

FOAJEON Choir Restores a Sense of Happiness "Just as It Is"

Before born into the world by the gravity of atoms, humans were connected to the universe.
Everything was "one", no feeling of any anxiety, no wish to be loved, they were a perfect existance.

However, after birth to this world, by receiving social oppression intermittentlly, the health gets hindered and negative thoughts make this sensitive living creature feel alienated and lonely.

And the only way to regain the sense of humans as "one" once more would be the "sound."
In all ages and cultures, people have loved music and have sung songs whenever they have gathered together, an instinctive testimony to this love.

In the FOAJEON Choir, furthermore, we would connect with the soul, resonate with each other's vibrations that come out from each other's body, and takes out the feeling of compassionate at the maximize level, and we sing a chorus composed by the genius lyricist and composer FOAJEON.

The negative side cancels each other out, and in the positive side the amplified vibrations fills the space, and "yourself as is" will be drawn out as you can feel that you are accepted".

You never know what will happen each time. You will be enveloped in an indescribable bliss and ecstasy, and you will meet a "you" that you never knew existed.

Introducing the Songs to Sing in the Lesson:

You can connect even through the screen. It doesn't matter if you can or cannot hear the voice.
This is because you are connected to yourself.

Feel thoroughly into your heart, relax just by listening, shed tears to many people...The FOAJEON Choir. Here is a part of introduction.

3 Points to Get Back a Stunning Sense of Security

To regain a sense of security that is unshakable no matter what, you need to feel the experience.
Only when you connect with your soul and feel the bliss of "there is no more happiness", you can remember the purpose of your true soul.

These are the three elements that will connect yourself to bliss and love for humanity in the FOAJEON Choir.


Lesson Flow
Of the 90 minute lessons, we sing about 20 minutes. Every time we proceed like this,

Counseling: Counseling to release emotions

Seminar: The secret seminar for receiving bliss

Practice: FOAJEON Choir lesson

Our aim is to have people continue the blissful feeling after the lesson and be able to spend the daily lives in felicity.


Information on Each Course
In the Basic Course, you let go of stress and worries and free your soul.
In the Intermediate Course, you are free to create the world you truly desire.
In the Advanced Course, you will resonate with your peers, transcend time and space, and experience the ultimate world and cosmic consciousness.
*Newcomers are required to start from the basic course.

ベーシックコース ベーシックコース

What you have felt painful will turn into joy like "How much I was loved!"
Your worries and anxieties will melt away, and the people around you will become kind to you as if you were a different person.
Then, you will regain your original kindness and the feelings from your soul will overflow.
You will be able to spend your days in bliss, saying, "I have never been happier.

Even if you don't usually sing at all, it's okay.
First, let's start by humming a little at a time, even if it is in a quiet voice.
Before you know it, your voice and rhythm will become louder, and you will naturally be able to express yourself with your body language and hand gestures.
You don't need to think that you need to sing well or you have to match the pitch.
Since there is no sheet music, you can just sing along to the CD and soak in the bliss with all your might, without worrying about your surroundings.
I have heard many participants and some people who used to worry about their surroundings or felt anxious say "I feel happy every day! and I like myself." It is truly a chorus of miracles.

In the Basic Course, we sing songs that are easy to sing and understand.
A lot of people say, "Whenever I say these lyrics words, tears come out." "The love that I had longed for came down and just started crying."
Even if you don't understand it in the actual consciousness, the subconscious will react firmly to the necessary words, and you will be filled with love without knowing it.
Lesson Fee
Once a week, 90 minutes x 12 times, 108,000 yen
Text Fee
・ CD that connects with the Love of the Earth (3,000 yen)
・ Chorus CD for the Basic course (3,000 yen)
・ Instrumental CD "INITIUM" (5,500 yen), please listen on a daily basis at home.


The Secret to Singing
There is a secret to singing better than anyone else because you are not trying to be a good singer.
If you are going to sing, wouldn't you be happy if you could sing well?
We will tell you the secret method of singing from FOAJEON, who has trained Japan's top singers, so I will explain according to the stage in an easy-to-understand manner.
Basic course: 4 points to make it easier to sing
Intermediate course: 7 points to integrate with sound
Advanced course: 5 points of perfect resonance
Everyone who has mastered this secret method say

"I had such a beautiful voice!"

"I can now sing relaxing like a singer!"

"Not stuffy, surprisingly I can sing so easily!"

and is happy with joy.

Note) Only by this FOAJEON Choir in the world that you can learn the secret singing points.
And this is not the goal. When you can sing well, you feel fun and:

I can now express myself, something I was never good at.

My life has more energy and I'm just having fun.

I am able to express my opinions at work, and our bond has deepened.

Like these, people's real life changes. This is what the FOAJEON Choir aims for.


Natsuyo Iida
CEO, Familetzt Co., LTD.
Director of the FOAJEON Choir

Transcending time and space
to contribute to the world!

"I'm sorry I'm alive." Until the age of 30, I felt guilty for being alive, and while I was careful not to bother anyone, I was also competitive, not wanting to lose to anyone.

My starting point was when I was 7 years old. I saw an African refugee child on TV and thought, "This world is wrong. I want to make people around the world smile!"
From there, I studied environmental issues, human rights, psychology, spirituality, self-development, etc. While working for the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), I sang with a total of 7,000 people from Africa, South America, and Asia as a member of the JICA chorus club, including volunteers from the Ministry of Education and the Japanese Red Cross Society. There I experienced that choral singing transcended language and culture, and that we could instantly become one with the people there.

However, the moment the singing was over, the sense of lack returned, and I was a rough "troublemaker" who had constant relationship problems, arguing even with my friends. It was at this time that I met the genius composer FOAJEON. I asked him, "How can we change the hearts and minds of people around the world and create a world where conflicts do not arise?" FOAJEON told me a solution that I could not find even after discussions with people from the United Nations and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and with a shock, I decided to give this activity a try.
As I sang FOAJEON's choral songs with enthusiasm, all feelings of lack melted away, and I felt a blissful sense of "I have never felt such a happy feeling."

From then on, like an Othello flipped over, my relationships improved, I became surrounded by kind people, and my work expanded. I began to awaken to the world of the mind, social issues, global issues, and the connection between people and the universe, and the answers began to connect in interesting ways.
And now, the stress of daily life is completely gone and I am enjoying everything and remembering the mission that I have been aiming for through repeated reincarnations. I will spend my life spreading FOAJEON Choir throughout the world, receiving support not only from my ancestors who have spun this life, but also from all humankind.
What is important is first of all your own happiness. And to release the vibrations of "true love" to the world, not only in the present age, but also as humanity has longed for.
Let's transcend time and space, make people, animals, and the earth happy, and together create a world where all are united.
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    About FOAJEON

    Over the past 20 years, he has developed his own 447Hz frequency, which is called "Miracle Frequency" by people in the industry.
    He produces classical music, piano music, love songs, children's songs, choral music, and other genres, hoping that mankind will live in peace 5,000 years from now.
    He is a big hit maker who has produced more than 300 commercial songs. By incorporating the biorhythms of the universe and human beings, he has created songs that can naturally draw out potential abilities.
    The more people who have been searching for the truth, the more they appreciate his songs, saying, "Even after listening to them 10,000 times, I never get tired of them, and am even more fascinated by them."